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      Welcome to Ningbo Yuefei Mould Co.,LTD website .

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      ADD.:C Zone Rising-Industry Park Ninghai,Ningbo,China
      TEL:0086-574-65332668 / 65332667
      FAX:0086-574-65332666 / 65332690

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      Number Date Honor Remarks
      1 1999-2008 Ninghai County taxpayer  
      2 1999-2008 Ningbo corporate credit ratings of AAA level  
      3 2001 ISO9001: 2000 ISO quality management system certification
      4 2001-2003 The Ninghai seedling enterprise  
      5 2001-2003 High-tech enterprise of Ningbo City  
      6 May 2002 Development Center of China's auto parts plastic membership list  
      7 August 2002 National Key New Product of 2002 G-D6 / C, drum washing machine barrel large precision plastic injection molds
      8 October 2002 Ningbo mold industry credit enterprise  
      9 December 2002 The advanced Zhigongzhijia of Ninghai  
      10 2003-2008 High-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province  
      11 2003 Relocation Check new industrial park  
      12 2003-2008 Industrial business equipment investment in technological reform a top ten enterprises Yuelong streets
      13 February 2004 Ninghai County Health Cup winning companies April 2005 Ningbo Cup winning companies
      14 2004-2008 Tax profits of industrial enterprises in the top ten enterprises Yuelong streets
      15 2004-2008 Industrial enterprises paid-in taxes and the top ten enterprises Yuelong streets
      16 2004-2008 The Ninghai security outstanding units of production management  
      17 2004-2008 Ninghai industrial potential  
      18 2006 A well-known trademark of Ningbo City "Jia Jia" mold
      19 December 2006 Mold of key enterprises in China Large precision injection molds key enterprises in China
      20 March 2007 Ninghai County Labor Relationship  
      21 2008 Ningbo Mould Industry Association and vice president of the unit  
      22 2008 China Mould Industry Association unit  
      23 January 2008 ISO14001:2004 ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Certification
      24 March 2008 Ningbo Famous Brand Enterprise "Jia Jia" mold
      25 March 2008 Ninghai 2007 village level twinning to build a new socialist countryside advanced units
      26 May 2008 Second prize of fine mode Fender precision injection molds (after insurance board)
      27 2008 Ningbo City, "the innovation of the technical standards to promote the project" business
      28 December 2008 State-level high-tech enterprises  
      29 2009-3-30 Zhejiang Province mechanical manufacturing industry safety standardization certificate provincial  
      30 2009-2010 2009 to develop four new products, to develop five new products in 2010  
      31 2009-2011 4 invention patents and five utility model patent  
      32 March 2010 2009 intellectual property licensing, advanced enterprise Yuelong streets
      33 May 2010 The second prize of 2008 and 2010 annual fine mode Award " Automotive engine mounting bracket precision plastic injection mold
      2008 to 2010 "fine mode Award" third Dryers base cover the injection mold
      34 2010 Ningbo the Yuefei precision injection mold engineering (technology) center of the municipal
      35 February 2011 Injection mold feed mold release key technology by the Science and Technology Progress Award in the manufacture of plastic injection molds Ninghai County People's Government
      36 February 2011 County-level harmony enterprises Ninghai County People's Government